February 12, 2020


General Association of Asia Pacific Sports Federations

Chinese judo team might miss the Olympics due to actual epidemic situation ? The Chairman of GAAPSF Says “NO” 中国柔道队因疫情无缘奥运会?亚太体育总会主席说”NO”

Chinese judo team might miss the Olympics due to actual epidemic situation ? The Chairman of GAAPSF Says “NO” 中国柔道队因疫情无缘奥运会?亚太体育总会主席说”NO”

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GAAPSF Honorary President and IJF President Mr. Marius Vizer is set to ask for an increase in the sport’s quota for this year’s Olympic Games in Tokyo to ensure that Chinese competitors are not disadvantaged by the coronavirus crisis which is having a major impact on sport.


Chinese judoka are missing from the IJF Grand Slam, which started on Feb. 8, 2020, because the French Embassy in Beijing is closed as a result of the outbreak. That made it impossible for the Chinese delegation to obtain the necessary visas to travel here. It means they will miss out on the opportunity to gain valuable ranking points to help them qualify for Tokyo 2020. Mr. Vizer chaired an emergency meeting of the IJF Executive Committee in the French capital last night to discuss the situation. He has already contacted the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to try to find a solution to ensure Chinese judoka do not miss out on Tokyo 2020 as a result of the crisis. “Since the beginning [of the coronavirus outbreak] we are developing the matter with GAAPSF and Chinese [Judo] Federation and the event organisers,” Vizer said.

这意味着他们将错过机会获得宝贵的排名积分来帮助他们获得2020年东京奥运会的参赛资格。 Vizer昨晚在法国首都主持了IJF执行委员会的紧急会议,讨论情况。他已经联系国际奥委会(IOC)寻求解决方案,以确保中国柔道运动员不会因这场危机而错过2020年东京奥运会。维泽说:“自新冠状病毒爆发开始以来,我们正在与GAAPSF和中国柔道联合会以及奥运组委会一起研究相关问题。”

“In Paris the Chinese delegation can’t participate because of visa issues and it’s set to be the same for the Grand Slam in Germany later this month. “We are in discussions and even negotiations with the IOC on how to find a solution to show solidarity, humanity and support to our Chinese colleagues and to protect the IJF and GAAPSF community. “It is a serious issue and a special situation which at the moment cannot be solved. “We will soon see the results of our negotiations and we are on the way to propose a quota of participation for Chinese athletes who are qualified at the moment and one or two who have the chance to qualify, we try to request a greater quota from the IOC for China, not to affect our Olympic quota, but in order to protect our judoka and community for the next series of events. “We made the first proposal to the IOC regarding solutions how to solve this issue for judo and other sports. “For those who are qualified they would not be required to attend any more events, there are those who are on qualification positions but still need to officially qualify and there are those who are in contention to qualify and require more points. “China won two Olympic medals at Rio 2016, both bronze thanks to Cheng Xunzhao in the men’s 90 kilograms and Yu Song in the women’s over-78kg.

“中国代表团由于签证问题而不能参加在巴黎大满贯,相信本月底的德国大满贯也同样不能参加。 “我们正在与国际奥委会进行讨论及谈判,以寻求一种解决方案,作为向我们在中国 的柔道运动员表示人道的声援和支持,并保障亚太体育总会和中国柔道协会的权益。 “这是一个严重的问题和特殊情况,目前尚无法解决。” “我们很快会看到我们谈判的结果,我们正在为目前具资格的中国运动员和一两个有 资格参加比赛的中国运动员提议一项特殊配额,我们试图要求国际奥委会在不影响我 们的奥运名额情况下,给予中国更大的配额,目的是为了保障参加接着一系列计分赛 事的柔道运动员。” “我们向国际奥委会提出了有关如何解决柔道和其他体育运动这一问题的解决方案的 第一个建议。” “对于那些现已具资格的运动员将不再要求他们参加任何活动,包括一些有机会取得 资格的,但仍需要正式获得资格的,还有一些在争夺资格并需要更多的积分的。” 中国在 2016 年里约奥运会上获得了两枚奥运铜牌,包括:男子 90 公斤级的程训钊和 女子 78 公斤级以上的于颂。

The GAAPSF is also playing the role of the Asian Sports Investment Bank亚太体育联合会总会更充当国际体育界的亚投行角色

The General Association of Asia Pacific Sports Federations is the first international sports organization founded by the Chinese. In the face of a sudden epidemic, it is a pity that athletes are disqualified for the Olympic due to the epidemic situation. At this time, the GAAPSF makes their best efforts to fight for and protect the rights and interests of Chinese athletes. Although the epidemic came fiercely, the motherland is the strong backing of all Chinese. We can see the rapid response of the country when the epidemic broke out. What we can’t see is in the wider international field, in order to protect the rights and interests of the motherland, the country fight with unremitting efforts, for every Chinese nationals, no one will be left behind!


The GAAPSF is also playing the role of the Asian Sports Investment Bank in the international sports community, setting up a 50 billion yuan plus 5 billion US dollars Asia-Pacific Digital Sports and Sports Industry Fund to support and promote the development of sports industry in various countries, especially China. The World Sports University, under the GAAPSF, provides to the athletes with a variety of training courses of sports industry. It also provides distance education degree courses in order to allow current or retired athletes to have the opportunity to receive higher education and help them to create their road for the future.


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